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Russkiy Toy


Baialyn iz mira älf


German Champion VDH

German Champion Club VK

German Juniorchampion VDH

German Juniorchampion Club VK

European-Junior-Winner 2013

State NRW Junior Winner 2013

Spring Junior Winner 2013


owner: Martina Kuhlmann

breeder: G.L. Trusova, Moscow, Russia


*20th of July 2012



23 cm

2,0 kg

6/6 scissor bite

PL 0/0, VDH testing sheet from 14.11.2013

predicate breeding license 07.12.2013


Baialyn iz mira älf is called Baya. She is a very lively, friendly and funny little lady. She has quickly integrated into our little pack and thrilled us again and again with her exuberant joy! Especially she has befriended with Enie, she plays with her the most and she prefer Altyn to cuddle!