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NEWS 2024


Yesterday we were with Masha to the vet for a ultrasound examination. Yeeeah! Look under Litterplanning


On the weekend of June 1st-2nd, the Borzoi annual show was held in Jacobsthal Zeithain at the Dresden WRV. We were more than a little successful. „Kuru“ Kuruvar iz mira älf was able to secure 2nd place in a strong open class of 9 males with an „excellent“. He was then even allowed to take part in the competiton for the Res.CAC and was able to win it!

„Uschi“ Ulchenka Kalinow, aged 10, shone in the veteran class. 1st place out of 4 was hers and she won the competition with the veteran males about the veteran BOB.

Our youngster „Datchi“ Veroyatnaya Udacha Razgulyaevo iz Galicii was in the intermediate class, and out of 4 females she came 3rd with an „excellent“.

The following day was the annual coursing. Kuru had a great 1st run. In the second run, the start was phenomenal. Unfortunately, the Lure was pulled too short and left lying there for a short time, whereupon Kuru flew over it and made a large semicircle to get back to it. In the meantime, the lure was pulled back to full strength, before Kuru could look in its direction and run, the lure had already gone through the „gate“ and he could no longer see it. It was sad to see how desperately he was looking for the lure. When the lure came back to the other side of the wall, Kuru immediately resumed the chase and finished the run the way he started. It’s a shame, but he only came 9th out of 9, he didn’t deserve that, my heart dog II.

Datchi was luckier! In a confident first run, she was on 3rd ranking out of 13 bitches. The second run was together with Ella, the second 3rd placed, which was nice to watch and was actually rewarded with 1st place, „Annual Sports Winner 2024“. Together with the V3 from the previous day, Datchi also received the title „Annual Winner for Beauty & Performance“. That was a beautiful debut for our little Ukrainian treasure!


Masha is in heat, have a look: Litterplaning


Have a look under Litterplaning 🙁


We had 2 nice day in Switzerland. Please have a look under Litterplaning


Fanny is in heat. We will drive to the Switzerland


Our „Litterplan“ for this spring is certain!