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News 2015


We were with Uschi and Volna in Karlsruhe. One day 1 Uschi was very successful with V1, VDH, CAC and CAICB and Volna on day 2 with V1, VDH and CAC . Everything else under successes of the girls! Also Baya and Dasha, were successfully too…

At the dog show in Karlsruhe Baya could after a long “puppy brake” fullfil her champion of the club VK and of VDH! Dasha had her dog show debute and got on both days a very promising 1 with nice judge critic!


I am very proud of my 4! Michael was to the Coursingdebut of Uschi and Volna in Beringen / Belgium! Because Diva, our old girl would have been very sad, she was allowed to come with them … she loves coursing! Volna ran 2 spectacular passages and ended up in 3rd place out of 10 females. Uschi no less worth seeing came on 7th place! For outsiders our big girl does not look as fast as she is and the little turns are not quite so possible for her but she has the very, yery strong ambition and will to catch the lure ? And Diva, she’s just a cunning fox, making it the lure pilote often not easy! She got 9th place out of 10 females. I don’t want to forget to notice that Vega, the sister of Volna, got the 1th place! We are very pleased with Silvia and Robert, the breeder!


After Uschi and Volna were quite successful on Friday and Saturday, Uschi got at the BSA the Res.CAC Volna a day later the JCAC and JVDH, we had a nice day with Robert and Silvia and many other nice people in Volkmarsen. There Uschi and Volna completed their two couple runs for the coursing license. Now the next coursing year can come


We were with Volna and Uschi in Issum, there have both completed their solo license runs with flying colors! It was a beautiful day with dear friends! Also, I’ve heard that Leyla (Banja iz mira älf) got EXC3 of 8 females in OK in Sachsenheim and “last but not least” Beyza iz mira älf has won her first Coursing! So a successful Saturday!


Today we have brought Chaggy (Chagayev iz mira älf) in his new home. He live now with his “relationship”, with the parents of Dawydows “mom”, also in Andernach. Very closed together, so they can meet often ? We are very happy about that!


On the weekend she did it! Rosalie have now the condition for the Junior Champion Club (VK) and VDH (already longer) We are very proud of the beautiful girl and we are happy with Conny and Stephan!


It does not pass 1 day without thinking about Bella and I have to cry…it will never stop! But the other dogs give me so much and I want to carry on! Uschi got at the CACIB in Luxembourg the title “Junior Benelux Winner 2015” and so she got the Crufts qualifier! Also Diva received in the working class a EXC1 and thus the vesting CACL for the championship!


At the FCI-EM 2015 (9/04/2015) on the oval track Leyla could (Banja iz mira älf … Bellas sister) run at the 4th place in a thrilling final. We are delighted with Dagmar and Uli so much!

Despair – infinite grief – anger – resignation – no accepting but just giving in to fate

On Saturday, August 1st 2015, my Bella, my “Schätzele” (little darling), my “Bella-Piccolina”, my “Herzblatt” (sweetheart) was taken away from me through a tragic accident. And again I arrived at the point of throwing away everything because once again I thought to be cursed somehow. But my eldest daughter Janna realized that it reminded her of Hiob’s story in the bible. She told it to me: The devil took away Hiob’s dearest things like his children and his wife and so on to put his faith in God to the test, but Hiob kept firmly to his faith in God and was rewarded by Him later on. Janna told me not to lose my faith in myself, my dogs, my breeding and my breeding plans. I thank Janna for always knowing how to say the right things at the age of 20 years and for being so prudent and prospective. What would I be without my family? I also thank my other two kids Noël and Maira who were present that night from Friday to Saturday and ready to help, and I thank my husband for his unconditional support and comfort. And if all that hadn’t been enough, we had to say goodbye to our Greyhound “Bluey” yesterday, just one day after all that. He had had surgery on July 16th 2015 and everything seemed to be ok. He enjoyed the 2 ½ weeks at home and prognosis for recovery was at around 80-90%… How can you stand something like that, losing two not even old dogs on two days in a row????? You find comfort with Bogisha, Diva, Uschi, Volna and the “little ones”!


Time flies so fast! Today Dawydow moved to his new family! We wish all together only the best and a fine and long time together!!!


The puppies are arrived! 2 male and 1 female. Unfortunable the second male was to little and died a few minutes after the bith! We are very sad but enjoy the other both puppies!


After the year ends for Bella from vg2 to EXC1 with Res.CAC and for our two new ones Volna and Uschi vp1, this year started quite well. In Langerwisch Bella got her 2nd CAC and Uschi 2x V2 Res.JCAC, but before she could reach in Münster 2x JCAC. In Chemnitz she got her third JCAC and is now “German Junior Champion DWZRV”. On the “Borzoi-Years-Winner-Show”, everything went perfectly, each class in which our dogs are started, we won. In the junior class of 20 bitches Volna got EXC1, JVDH, JCAC and against the male, which in turn had to prevail against 19 competitors, she won the JBOB. Uschi got vg in the Junior Class. Diva started in the working class with cast. 5 girls, she won with EXC1, VDH. Even Bella could decide the strong occupied intermediate class with 12 bitches with EXC. At the competition for the CAC against the open class, which consisted of 23 females she was able to prevail the 1-placed and she got the CAC, her third one…. now she is in the queue! And Volna …. after her magnificent debut in the “Borzoi-Years-Winner-Show”, I showed her a further 2 times and each time EXC1, JVDH, JCAC and JBOB and in Chemnitz even JBIS, now Volna is with only 3 dog shows “German Junior Champion DWZRV “!

The lure coursing saison for Bella was more than good, 3 starts – 3 placements, 3rd place at the 1st DWZRV Winnercoursing of 14 females! Place 1 in Hoope of 10 Borzois and place 2 of 16 females on the Borzoi-Years-Winner-Show in Volkmarsen. In two events she could also decide the combination “Beauty & Performance” for herself! Now comes the best, by the great start in the coursing career, she was able to qualify for the European Coursing Championship 2015 in Finland ranked 2nd and Mama Diva on Reserve2. We are very happy … a 14 day trip is coming soon, the ferries are booked and the way (through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and return trip is planned. A big family meeting is upon us, because even BabaYaga and Brushnikj iz mira älf from Sweden have qualified, and the Papa Ch. Dikaja Varjag. And we are looking forward, because brother Slava (Borislav iz mira ÄLF) visit us there….and we met also a lot of uncles, aunts and half-siblings !!!! With many friends ….. we are sooooo happy, it will be funny !!!!!


The result of the Ultrasound is positiv!!!! Baya is pregnant and we expect the D-Litter around 10th of May 2015!!


We were for mating Baya in Riga/Latvia…more under “litterplan”!


WOW! What a dog showdebut! Chaggy get in Oer-Erkenschwick on both days in the baby class very promising 1 and on day two even the baby-BIS4 of 11 babies! Both judges were very impressed by him (s. “pics”) We are very proud of our little man!