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News 2012


Today we received from the VDH/FCI the certificate for the workingclass!


Today I received the news that Adasha inherited the Junior CAC and Junior VDH. We are very glad about that! I have update some results under “Adasha”, “Diva” and “Bluey”.


Today Ajoscha get his last youth-CAC and now we can called him (only aged 11 month) German Youth Champion DWZRV. Also he has following title: State Youth-Champion Hessen-Thüringen 2012 and State Youth-Champion Rheinland-Pfalz 2012.


Diva runs after two not so good passes (she always wanted to be smarter than the lure rabbit) the 4th place. The worst points she has ever becomes but she was super at speed and condition as always.


The weekend was very busy. On Saturday and Sunday I was with Bogisha and Adasha at the dog show in Bremen on Sunday Michael was for coursing with Diva in Tüttleben. Bogisha got on Saturday the V1 VDH, Res.CACIB and on Sunday V1 VDH. Adasha got on both days vg2. After a not so good first passage of Diva, where she lose the lure rabbit and the result of the loss – she is abbreviated often. In the second round she showed what’s in her and so she could run on the 6th place of 19 borzoi!


We have gone once more to Göhlsdorf, the sighthound association Wismar has focused his event here. On saturday Diva ran at the IC on the 4th place and thus now she is allowed to start in the working class on dog shows, the papers for the working dog certification are already out ? On the dog show the next day, Diva was again very dull but got V2 in open class and than she could protect in the jump-off the Res.CAC. These are results that delight us more than the VBS show in Cologne. V4 for Bogisha is still ok but Adasha and Altyn “g”?!….. they have not earned. (Mrs. Peschges did not handle with the distribution “g” economically, she valed some dogs with “g”). I have nothing more to say :-(!


At the dog show on 23/06/2012 in Ostercappeln Bogisha got in the champion class V1 VDH, Diva was able to secure the V2 in open class. On the dog show on 06/30/2012 in Issum started Adasha and Altyn for the first time in junior class. Unlike Ajoscha it was not so good for them, Adasha got a sg2 and Altyn a sg3. The next day Diva ran at the coursing on the 6th place, but only by 7 females :-(. The first pass, Diva wasn’t cleverly because she wants to cut off the way of the lure rabbit. She ran through straw bales and tossed also a Pilone, thereby she lost valuable time and made still an excursion in neighbouring field, this brought her many point deductions. What one cannot deny diva, however, her hunting desire…. is I cannot understand the assessment of one judge with 3 points, especially as the other judge awarded her 6 points in this category. …. She managed the second run much better however, the few points of the first run reached only for the 6th place!


The first “iz mira älf-dog” with title! Today “Ajoscha iz mira älf” become “National Youth Champion Hessen/Thüringen”. We are so proud of the beautyful boy :-D!!!!


Today we received die coursing performance certificate for Diva. Furthermorde, we are very glad of course. Diva is really a very motivated dog with fun of it!


We are back from Hungary. We had a wonderful time there with many lovely people. Unfortunately, because of the heat was only one passage of lure coursing and Diva has the first run… as everbody knows, no advandtage and the run was pulled busted (not my words). So we are very glad about the place in the middle 22.


Now Diva is Champion for “Beauty and Performance”. Furthermore, we are very glad, because it reflects our breeding aim.


On 5/18/2012 we have lost the fight for Aljeshino. We had to let him go over the rainbow bridge already. My grief is without border, however is certain we see us again sometime.


Yesterday we were at the European dog show. Bogisha got in the Champion class EXC2, Res. VDH and Adasha got a vp1 and the puppies-BOB.


Today we become the certificate from DWZRV, now Diva is Champion for beauty and performance, we are very happy.


At the dog show in Haan-Hochdahl become Adasha and Altyn in the puppie class vv1, Altyn got the puppie-BOB. Diva got a Exc in the open class.


We have good news, Diva is nominated for the European Championchip 2012, we are happy to visit Hungary!


Alyaska lives now with Dagmar and Uli. Her new friend is a Colli-dog named Linus. We wish all lots of fun.


Diva was successeful at the international coursing in Hünstetten. She runs on the 2nd place und got the CACC and the CACIL. So she is Champion for beauty and performance. We are very proud of our sporty little francelady.


On Saturday we were successful in Ostercappeln. The youngsters Altyn and Adasha have got a vp1, Bogisha got in the champion class EXC2 Res.VDH and last but not least Diva got in a very strong open class (9 bitches) EXC 1 CAC and VDH. It was a rainy but also a nice day.


I have lost the “News”, I don’t know why.