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And again all the effort is in vain. The ultrasound revealed only 1 bubble and it was empty. 🙁

We don’t yet know what will happen next. I think we’ll try it again the next time Fanny goes into heat. Since this combination did not work, we will look for another suitable male. The decision will be published here immediately.

We were from 04.-11.08.2023 in Finland and visited Fannys groom. They had a beautiful wedding dance. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed if she got pregnant! 

We are now planning the L-litter with our beautiful „Fanny“ Falanyel iz mira älf. We expect Fanny to be in heat at the end of July – end of August. We don’t know the male yet. We will inform you immediately after a final decision. We found him, it is the beautiful „Rex“ Tsaarikon Aleksanteri Suuri.






4 Jahre alt.


For more informations, titles, more photos or health tests, please have a look at Fannys side.




„Rex“ Tsaarikon Aleksanteri Suuri

Hier you find all health test, show- and coursing results:



Degenerative Myelophatie: N/DM

vollzahniges Scherengebiß

Unfortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately „Ely“ remained empty, so much effort, so much money….in vain. There would have been very beautiful and promising puppies. But now we are looking ahead and looking forward to the new plan, which we look forward to with even more excitement. See above.


*We are planning our L-litter in summer 2023 with our „Ely“ Enelyë iz mira älf with „Tiger“ Teine Twist of Fait

News: The insemination with the frozen semen took place on 2023/June/04. Now keep your fingers crossed.




„Ely“ Enelyë iz mira älf

Eurpean Coursing Champion 2019


For more informations, titles, more photos or health tests, please have a look at Elys side. 



„Tiger“ Teine Twist of Fait



DC – Dual Champion

SC – Senior Courser




red with strongly marked brindle, white markings

full scissor bite

race and coursing lisence

heart-, eyes- and thyroid examination : OK

health results listed on OFA