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HURRAY!!! We have confirmation: Masha is pregnant. At least 3 bubbles were seen. We are therefore expecting the L litter around July 19, 2024.

We are now planing our L-Litter with „Masha“ Cheremuha and „Rex“ Tsaarikon Alexsanteri Suuri



„Masha“ Cheremuha

nearly 3 years old


For more informations, heath checks and photos, please have a look under Mashas site.




„Rex“ Tsaarikon Aleksanteri Suuri

C.I.B.P., FI LCCH, FI CH, EE CH, EEW-21 Tsaarkikon Aleksanteri Suuri


*May 19, 2017
FI CH – Finnish Conformation Champion
EE CH – Estonian Conformation Champion
FI LCCH – Finnish Lure Coursing Champion
EE W 2021 – Estonian Winner 2021


FERAGEN DNA ISAG2006, DNA diversity test and DLA haplotypes
Result of general eye examination: OK – November 8th, 2019
Result of general & doppler cardiac examination: OK – 10/09/2019

Result of general & doppler cardiac examination: OK – 11/04/2023

Elbow joints: normal – July 12, 2019
Hip joints: Excellent / A1 / 0 / A / – July 12, 2019
Lumbosacral transitional vertebra (LTV): LTV1 – July 12, 2019
Spondylosis deformans (SP)/Spondylosis: SP0 (free) – July 12, 2019
Vertebral Anomaly (VA): VA0 (normal) – 7/12/2019

Degenerative myelopathy (DM): N/mut (carrier)

Bite: full scissor bite


Masha has been in heat since today, much earlier than expected. The male has been confirmed and will be published here soon.

Fanny is not pregnant, she has developed pyometra (inflammation of the uterus). We won’t try again with Fanny. I can’t put it any other way, I’m deeply sad that we won’t have any offspring from her but sometimes you have to listen to nature. I’m also very sorry for those interested. We will now plan the litter with „Masha“, she is expected to come into heat in June. However, the partner has not yet been determined. But as usual, it will be published here promptly.

Fanny was mated on March 21st and 22nd. Now keep your fingers crossed. I will probably be on April 25th. go for an ultrasound scan.

Finally Fanny is in heat. We will drive to the Switzerland.

We are planning our L-litter with our beautiful red rocket „Fanny“. Her groom is the imported male „Bomond“ from Russia, owned by Jeanette Rüttimann/Switzerland. Fanny is expected to come into heat at the end of January, at the latest at the end of February. Then the puppies will be born around the end of March/end of April.





4 Jahre alt.


For more informations, titles, more photos or health tests, please have a look at Fannys side.




„Beau“ Bomond




* 09.02.2021


heart examination, Echo Doppler, ECG on 20.11.2023: 0 = clear

genetests: diversity and DLA haplotyps