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News 2014


Yeeeeah, they are aaaaarived! Two beautiful puppies, one male in choco/tan and one female in blue/tan are borne in naturl way


Bremen: Sa. EXC1, VDH, CAC, CACIB, BOB / So.: EXC1, VDH, CAC, BOB


Cloppenburg: Sa. + So.: ECX1, CAC, VDH, BOB, LS NRW 2104


Two really nice and very successful show weekends are behind us. On the Club show on 23/08 in Erkrath / Haan-Hochdahl Diva get in the working class EXC1, VDH and with only 15 months, the first time in intermediate class admitted Bella …. EXC1, VDH, CAC, BB, BOB and BIS2:-D and at the CACIB Gießen on 06/09 Diva won the working class with EXC1, get the VDH and CAC … now she is new German Champion DWZRV … yeah and additionally Res.CACIB! Bella once again in the junior class EXC1 ,get Jg.VDH, Jg.CAC and Jg.BOB and in the main ring the Jg.BOG1 …. we are really very proud!


How nice …. yesterday Bella (BelSu iz mira älf) got at the show in Gelsenkirchen third J.CAC and so she has the precondition for the German Junior Champion fulfilled! Now she can lost her coat :-D!


We are very happy and proud! Bella (BelSu iz mira älf) got at the Borzoi-annual show 2014 in Landstuhl in a strong junior class (there were 13 females registered) EXC2, Res.J.CAC, Res.J.VDH. Even her sister Leyla (iz Banja mira älf) was placed with EXC4. And Mom Diva (Ch. Diva Slatina de l’Hermitage d’Eole) was able to take the lead, with EXC1, VDH in a similarly strong working class (8 females). The joy was overshadowed of the thought at Kandis, we had to let him go over the rainbowbridge the Wednesday before. Farewell large polar bear, have a nice life in theland behind the rainbow. You are not far away, I visit you every day under the chestnut tree <3 .


Yesterday at the show in Hoope Bella won the title “Landesjugendsierger Weser Ems 2014”, she got in Junior Class (5 females) EXC1, J.VDH, J.CAC and also the J.BOB!


On Saturday in Volkmarsen Diva got in Working Class EXC1, VDH, Res.CAC again and Bella in Junior Class EXC3.


The start into the Coursing season was very successful for Diva (Diva Slatina de l’Hermitage d’Eole). She won on 03/30-2014 in Ostercappeln the 1. place from 6 entered female (4 in second run). Because Diva get the day before EXC1, VDH, Res.CAC in working class she won also the competition “Beauty and Performance”. Bella (Bel-Su iz mira älf) get contrary to expectations only vg1 in Junior Class.


Bella (BelSu iz mira älf) was on her first show in junior class, she has done a very good job! On the frist day she got V4 and on Sunday V2 Res.J.CAC and Res.J.VDH. Quite clearly for me she was on both days the most beautiful dog of this show…and when you have a look at the pics….?! We are also very proud of Ajoscha iz mira älf (live with Susanne Leeb and Stephan Locher), this weekend he has fulfilled the prerequisite for the German Champion DWZRV and VDH in the age of 2 year and 5 month!!!


It is still so unreal! Why on earth? The day before yesterday succumbed Alya sudden cardiac failure …. incomprehensible and yet everything goes on, but I often keep hold! Alya was the easiest dog I’ve ever had, very open mind to all people and dogs. She was never sick or injured! Except to the vaccinations the vet was never necessary. We have lost a beloved family member and important member of the pack. For sure we will see all again!


I am so happy for Altyn and I am proud that he now has his own little Haarem. He now lives with four Galgas (Sasou, Mia, Ava and Lila) and is the prince in the middle. In addition, there are still mum Yvonne, dad Thorsten and two Spanish stallions (PRE)! Since he still lives in Hoerstel, just another district, I’ll see him often!