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We about us

“We” that is my husband Michael, my daughter Janna, my son Noël, my youngest daughter Maira, and me, Martina.


Aldready as a little child, I was crazy about every kind of animal, sometimes even to exasperate my mom, because I took home every single unsound animal (like doves, hedgehogs, lizards…) to nurse them and care for them. Even the mice that had fallen into the shaft of our basement were liberated, put into a doll’s pram and set free somewhere appropriate.


For me there had never been any doubt that animals would play a decisive role in my life. When I was a child, in addition to several wild animals, I was accompanied by a white cocker spaniel lady with black ears and a black tail. Her name was “Candida vom Kellygold” (called Candy) and I adored her. Horseback riding and the horses I looked after played another important role in my live.


I had my first own dog when my youngest daughter was one and a half years old. Apart from different pets like hamsters, chinchilla rabbits and guinea pigs we also had two horses. But unfortunately I had to admit hat, with the pack of dogs becoming bigger and bigger, I wasn’t able to meet the needs of the horses anymore and realized that you can never have everything. So I placed them with loving, competent and fostering people.

I instruct all my dogs according to Anton Fichtlmeier’s principles and I possess lots of specific canine literature, of course especially about sighthounds, but of course about other breeds as well. I have read, for example, Anne Krüger’s book HarmoniLogie, which represents Fichtlmeier’s philosophy of “communicating instead of conditioning”. At the moment I’m reading Dr. Dorit Urd Feddersen-Petersen’s book “Canine Behavioural Expressions“.


We all love dogs and can’t imagine to life without them and we are glad to be able to count about a small dog pack to our family. We live with our dogs in an old rehabilitated primary school by 1950.