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News 2021

November 14

Yesterday we went to Ravels in Belgium for coursing at the end of the year. Ely got the 1st place from 7 bitches and Fanny the 3rd place. Our old lady Volna obviously had fun and came on 6th place. Our beloved Singo, who is known to do his own thing on the coursing field, was able to take 5th place out of 6 males. A successful conclusion!

October 26

Fanny but also Ely have great successes to celebrate.

On Sunday, October 24th it was the turn of the Borzoi at the European Coursing Championships 2021 in Een / NL on Ronostrand. After the 1st round, Fanny got in 7th place and Ely the 1st place. The 2nd course was tough and Ely ran with the winning bitch! A good run in which Ely received 2 points less than her fellow runner, so Ely was 1 point behind the winning bitch with a total of 516 points. That was Fannys Pacour, which was mainly focused on speed and stamina. With this run she drew level with Ely and got 516 points. So the finale places: Place 3 for Ely and Fanny is „Vice European Couring Champion 2021“.

After winning 2019 the Championship wiht Ely it was again a super great experience! To have two bitches from our breeding on the podium is nothing that you shake off your sleeve, everyday or self-evident. We are overjoyed and proud of Fanny and Ely. Especially Ely, who gave birth to her puppies 14 weeks ago!


At the German Coursing Winner 2021 in Grab on September 18th, she was able to recieved the 4th place!

Fanny took 6th place at the European Championships in 2021 in Münster / D on September 2nd. She dominated both prelims and the final up to the third corner, from then on she dropped back every time. Maybe too early after her heat, 111 days after the start of heat, next time we’ll wait 120 days. But we are very proud about Fanny and her 6th place. 

July 15

Today the puppies of our J-Litter are born. Mother and puppies feels very well. 

July 07

Show in Münster, see under results Falanyel, Ulchenka and Ilvannya

June 20

Fanny is the Federal Race Winner 2021. It was a spectacular pre run with disqualifications and stopped dogs. In the turmoil and after several attacks in her distress, Fanny jumped over the very high fence into the inner field and resumed the pursuit. The arbitration tribunal’s decision, Fanny was the only one set for the final. I am glad that she survived everything well and still went through well. Of course, she stuck a few times, especially in the places where she was attacked and with 37.244 sec. a bad time imaginable. But that didn’t play a role in this case, especially shortly before the finish line, she stepped on the gas again. After all that she has shown that she always has the will to go after the lure and want to catch it. Since she is also in the after-heat, she will take a sporting break until the European Championships on race track.


Our beloved Singo won the from the males the VICE Federal Race Winner 2018. But the people who know him know he is not very safe at the long distance and I didn’t want to register him. But to make the field of 3 full I did it. In the pre run he was ok but in final as very often, he took the gas out from turn 3 and strolled towards the goal, stopped just before the goal and then went over it. He is and will always be a nice guy, my heart dog.

June 08

We have the confirmation by ultrasound, Ely is pregnant. Have a look under „Litterplaning“.


Mai 30

First race for a long time, on short distance (275 m). Fanny won clearly out of 5 mixed Borzoi. Singo was the second in pre run but in the final he dropped back and got only the 5th place. He is like he is and I love him a lot!

April 20

The result of Elys (Enelyë iz mira älf) thyroid examination is here. She has normal thyroid levels. Now we are waiting for her heat and we can hopefully look forward to the J-litter!

April 19

Nothing new has happened since October last year. Now we were on the weekend for training in Landstuhl, a few nice photos will follow.

On April 17th Singo and Ely are 5 years old.

The result of Elys (Enelyë iz mira älf) thyroid examination is here. She has normal thyroid levels. Now we are waiting for your heat and we can hopefully look forward to the J-litter!






We have the confirmation by ultrasound, Volna is pregnant. We hope for a uncomplicated pregnancy and a natural birth! Both puppies would be not available! 


We were at the double CACIB Rotterdam 2019. Have a look under „Fanny“ and „Thor“ but in advance Thor got on day 2 BOB2!


At the weekend we were in Hamburg to the German and International Derby 2019. Ely and Singo started at the GD and Thor at the ID. Have a look under „Successes“ of each dog. 


The marriage has taken place!


Now we can give the 100% „Go“, we have clarified everything and the approval of DWZRV is already available to us. The planning for our H-litter is in full swing! Take a look under „Litter planning“!


Update on the race in Hünstetten. Ely (Enelyë iz mira älf) run the new track record with 19.94 sec. on 280 m! Yahoo!


Joy and sorrow are so close together. On Friday 19.07.2019 we had to say goodbye to our beloved Ulknudel Bogisha. The OP on 17.06. has caused a malignant spleen tumor, this type of tumor is very common in old dogs, even our Kira (Australia Shepherd Mix) has died of it. Unfortunately only 4 but beautiful week stayed with her. She  fell asleep peacefully in my and Michael’s presence.

Well, and one day later Volna has become in heat. Fate? Now that she has become in heat so much later than expected and the next heat would fall too late for next year, we want to take the hint of fate seriously and are currently planning the H-litter with her. Since there are still some things to clarify, we still can’t say for 100% „Go“.

Yesterday we were with Fanny, Ely, Singo and Thor for the race to Hünstetten. Fanny had a test run with her brother Falmarin. Both were fast and very focused on the lure! Well done! Unfortunately, Thor was alone and completed only one show run but in a hammer time, 30.84 sec. on 480 m.

The run of the Borzois was again spectacular, 5 went to the start, 2 R and 3 H. Unfortunately, the one bitch did not come out of the box. Ely and Singo are in the lead immediately, Ely had 19.94 sec. and Singo 20.32 on 280m! Unfortunately, the other male showed his position here at the finish. Since it was after the goal, it was not punished. Ely and Singo had a bad start on the second run, Ely out of Box 1 overtook inside and Singo out of Box 3 overtook all on the outside. Unfortunately, the other male attacked Ely so massive that she dropped back. In the meantime, however, Singo was able to effortlessly pass outside the field and thus won the race to our great delight. I did not notice, because I only had eyes for Ely who worked after the attack again from positive 4 to position 3 and all on 280 m. Since the male under white was on 2nd place and of course received a disqualification, he also attacked his sister, the distribution on the winner’s podium looked like this. 1st place „Singo“ (Elwë Singollo iz mira älf), 2nd place „Ely“ (Enelyë iz mira älf) 3rd place Pyashka’s Ciara. Am very proud of my „Älfen“ !!!


At the annual Borzoi show, our Fanny (Falanyel iz mira älf) was able to defend against 8 other bitches and the JBOB against the male and got: V1, JCAC, JVDH and JBOB, Jahresjugendsiegerin 2019. Ely got EXC4 in working class and Volna in a heavily occupied champion class EXC3. During the coursing the other day, only one round was pulled because of the heat, unfortunately the hare stayed on the 3rd last role, despite this shortcoming Ely managed a respectable 4 place out of 18 Borzois! A very hot but great weekend!



„Ely“ ENELYË IZ MIRA ÄLF is European Coursing Champion 2019

Wahoooo! After an exciting day, a fantastic result and a happy party, today we would like to thank all the gratins for the kind words! Yes, we have to say…..we are over the moon and back and again over the moon. Our beloved „Ely“ (Eneleyë iz mira älf = Ch.Diva Slatina de l’Hermitage d’Eole x Ch.Dikaja Varjag) is now European Coursing Champion 2019 with CACIL and EE CAC…..from 39 females! She had with 888 points the highest of the day and 4th highest of the hole event! Happy, happy, happy and of course very proud of Ely


On 24th of February, 1 year after the F-Litter, Uschi gave us a beautiful and strong mal puppy in red bringle IM. „Gavar iz mira älf“ is born! 



Yeah, the good thing….Uschi is pregnant! But there were only 2 bubbles found! But we are happy and looking forward to welcome the new earthlings! A new attempt is possible and will be considered!

Last Update 27.12.2018

Uschi got in heat on 09th of December, so she had married on 23th of December and we hope for the G-Litter on 23th of February 2019.