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Our J-Litter was born on 2021/07/15


Ely and her 2 days old puppies


3 males

white with red

white with red plates

white with sand/red plates


4 females

1 brindle with white markings,black mask

1 x white with sand brindle plates, black mask

1 x white with red, black mask

1 x sand with white markings, black mask




*available* = We have not found yet any suitable person

* reserved * = provisionally reserved, nothing firmly decided yet, we have not yet got to know each other. You can still be added to the list of interested parties.
* not available * = after getting to know each other beforehand, both parties have agreed, but something can still change here. If you’re interested, maybe drop by from time to time.
* lives now with….. * = goes without saying

Ely with 2 days old puppies


Since the mal „Balzer“ Gladkii Veter Papi has in K-Locus KB/KB (2 x dominate black), he can inherit only black. Therefore all puppies have to be from Gavar iz mira älf. But of course a genetic test at 6 weeks has to given the certainty!