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Haryon iz mira älf

(Quënya, the language of „Lord of the Ring“: „blessed heir/Prince from the realm of the elves“ )


„Haryon now Rino“

* 02/10/2019


male, black with white IM


† 15 / 10 / 2022


How should one deal with it, how should/can one deal with something like that. Haryon…….he was a very special borzoi kid, very fond of me and I liked him a lot, Tarja experienced the same and affectionately called him Rino. Such a sudden death of such a young dog is hard to bear. Haryon died of „sudden death“, he was not autopsied, so you can only assume that it was the old scourge of the Borzoi.

We mourn with Tarja for this wonderful male!

lives now with Tarja Savinen, Finland

Haryon, 1 day old