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Herenya Arwen iz mira älf



 female, white with black plates


Hera has found her new home. We are so happy that she lives now with the very active family Jutzet in Swizerland.

*seachring for a new home*


Hera has been living with us again since mid-April. If you are interested, I would be happy to share the details of your re-placement.

Hera can only be described as a very sweet, cuddly, very social borzoi girl. She is very loving, playful but also educational with our K-litter. She is docile, does not pull on the leash, is easy to brush, clip her claws and get her teeth done. At first she was a bit distant with visiting dogs, but warmed up to them quickly. The integration into our intact pack went smoothly. When she goes for walks, she shows some insecurity with some dogs, but this can be corrected very quickly with help/impulses, she wants to please. Hera is now neutered, I would be happy to provide information about this when you get in contact.

If you want to skip the sometimes very strenuous puppyhood and have a cuddly, loyal soul by your side, then Hera would be just the right one! Feel free to contact me by phone, whatsapp or email

 Herenya Arwen, 1 day old